Beyond Story

It all started 11 years ago, when I started giving private tuitions. What I saw was just confusion and fear of marks as all of my students were in great pressure of performing well in exams. I didn't like that AT ALL!

When I started teaching, the only thing I encountered was STRUGGLE! The students were struggling through the most basic concepts there is. They were confused of what should be done and above all, why it should be done. The students who were good with marks but they lack physical significance and practical usage of concepts. They were just learning formulas. All they could say that "We hate studying, especially Maths"

  • Students were suffering and fear of marks.
  • To study, was THE MOST boring thing to them.
  • Students were just learning formulas and solving bookish problems.
  • Students lack the hunger of knowing the unkowns.
  • Majority of them was not even aware of Lateral Thinking.

What I realise was, the studies and specially Maths and Physics don't have to be boring because they are not boring to me. Why do I like this and other students, even those who want to like them but they can't. What did I have that they lack. The LATERAL THINKING. Yes, studies are fun if you know how to do it right. Or, at least someone should be there to teach you these things.

There goes the starting phase of my journey. I started putting the X Factor in my teaching style. I started preparing the students to think laterally and imagine the concepts in there heads not just the formulas. I saw the growing interest for maths and physics in my students. If you enjoy studying the fear of exams doesn't have to be there because you know you will score. Now, I am here to share that experience with you.

Beyond Education Was Born!

Apart from all that I said above is nothing if it is not free and cater to a large audience. That's why I used online platform so that maximum number of student can be reached and we can grow together. You will find NCERT solutions, personally curated chapter-wise notes here, assignments, test and well explained videos for the complex topics and questions.